Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paleo Fried Apples

Have a Sweet Tooth? This Should Help in a Hurry!

Prep: 5 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes
Total: 15 minutes

Serves 2


2- 3 apples (try to buy local and/or organic, if you can)
2 Tbs coconut oil (we use the cheaper version for frying)
4 Tbs coconut milk
Handful of raisins
Cinnamon (not pictured)


In a medium sized pan, on medium heat, add your coconut oil 

Slice up the apples and place into your coconut oil (Don’t peel! Ok, you can peel if you would like – but they are tasty with it!)
Let the apples fry until they start to turn golden brown (Keep watch! This happens after about 5 minutes) Flip your apples as each side browns

After apples are golden brown and tender, pour in the coconut milk and toss in the raisins (Careful, the coconut milk may splatter depending on how hot the pan is!)

Cook for another 2-3 minutes

Sprinkle with cinnamon – as much as your heart desires!

    Let them cool a tad (you still want them warm)


    All the best--

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